Career of J. Beunk

I (Coos Beunk) am working as a doctor for 40 years. I became a physician after a year assisting in the burn centre in Beverwijk, the Netherlands. As a physician I became more and more unhappy. I felt that the diagnostics were superficial. In my education as a physician I did not learn enough how to dick and search for the causes of suffering of the human being. That is how patients slide off into severe diseases instead of getting well.

After 13 years having had a practice as a physician, I started to learn about several additive treatments like homeopathy, bio-energetics, (electro) acupuncture, neuraltherapy, psychotherapy and orthomoleculair therapy. Since that time I work as a consultant physician. I have learned myself a holistic method and found out a lot of times the cause of diseases. That is why I often have success with my treatments and I love the work I am doing. I have held recitations on request of firms and associations, about fatique, inflammation of throat and ears, the causes of the deterioration of our resistance and on Multiple Sclerosis.

Homeopatisch en Orthomoleculair arts
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