Homeopathy, often a misunderstood treatment

Often it is said that one has to believe in homeopathy but it is a method which happens to be used all the time without knowing it. The fact that dilutions work, actually has got nothing to dot with homeopathy. The term - homeopathic remedy - is not correct because everything in nature can be used as long as it is applied according to the law of Similia. That is why using the word- medicine- is not correct because it gives the impression that a cure will happen after taking a poison.
Antibiotics are excellent means against some kinds of bacteria. They interfere with the metabolism of bacteria and causes their dead . Unfortunately, they also interfere with our own metabolism like the liver and the bowels. Fatigue and diarrhoea will follow. The situation is to be compared with a tiger attacking you. A bullet to kill the tiger will save your from a certain death but a bullet is not a cure to keep the tiger from attacking you. If al small dog attacks you, there is no need for a gun or a bullet.
I learned from professor Jongkees that a throat infection will heal within 2 weeks with an antibiotic and it takes 14 days with aspirin.
I turned from an allopathic doctor into a homeopathic therapist because I saw patients turn stronger with the second solution and that gave, and still gives me, more joy. It does not mean that I object against the regular therapy because that therapy can be life-saving. However, right now the allopathic therapies are being overdosed which results in death by medicine poisoning on the fourth place on the list of causes of death.

Homeopathy and the law of Similia

The law of Similia says: like cures like. What does that mean? By example: If you are having a Chinese diner and you eat to much hot pepper, a burning sensation will appear in your mouth. Do not drink beer of cold water but take a similar supplement like hot water, thee or hot rice and it will soon be over. This is the homeopathic principle. In the past if one got a touch of the flu, one used to take a grog, aspirin and lay down under a woollen blanket to heat up. That also happens if someone has got the flu.
Once when I had sunburn again I went into a lukewarm bath instead a cold bath, and left the hot water tap running. The water in the bathtub became very hot and gave a nice sensation. The burning sensation of the sunburn was completely disappeared when I came out of the bathtub. At present time I take a hot shower which might be slightly painfull at the beginning but also takes away the pain. Also a sauna works well. This makes it clear that burns should be wrapped warm which results in less pain and a better healing.
When hot tea is spilled on my hand, I keep my hand under a lukewarm tap with running water and have the water runs as hot as I can bear. The pain is gone when I stop the water flow.
A last example is an inflammation of the breast with women after they give birth. Cause of this problem is too curdled milk. Hot compresses on the inflamed spot, and letting the child keep drinking well, will have a positive result.
These are all examples of the homeopathic principle. 

The dilutions

Hahnemann used to dilute the remedies to find out how much we need to have a result. Too much is not good either. If you just dilute a remedy, the effect will eventually disappear. However, the remedy is shaken 100 times after every dilution. The contents become static by rubbing the fluid along the glass. This can be measured. The same happens if flannel cloth rubes an ebonite stick. This will become static and attracts pieces of paper.
A car also becomes static by friction with the wind. Some people are sensitive enough to need a lightning protector under their car.
The dilution and especially the rubbing is called potentizing. You will understand that potentized remedies are not allowed to be touched by metals. It will have the effect disappeared. By holding a bottle, which is partly empty, in the hand and shake it, you make the effect stronger.
To apply the homeopathic principle a lot of remedies need not to be diluted and potentized. This principle is also applied by the regular therapy but is not always known or realized by the users.
The most well known remedy is Digitalis, later on more known as Lanoxine. The Digitalis plan is rather poisonous and will cause the next complaints:

  • Intense palpitation of the heart
  • Frequent stinging in the cardiac area
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Very slow and weak pulse
  • Weakening of the cardiac muscle
  • Oedema in legs and lungs by weakness of the heart
  • Blue face and tongue
  • Extension of the heart (dilatation cordis)
  • Angina Pectoris
  • Life threat

People with weakness of the heart or have a coronary, often receive Digitalis in very small amounts.
There are many remedies which give a certain syndrome and can help people with this particular syndrome to get well again. For instance:
Chinine helps with malaria, Arsenicum in diluted species to Cholera; Bella Donna for inflammation of the throat; Alconitum with neurological pains.
When I started to practish homeopathy while I was still an physician, the patients became stronger, but the pharmacist did not like it because his salary went down. The pharmaceutical industry and the ones who have shares in this industry are the opponents, because they need the ill people.

Injections against hay fever, house substance, dog- and cat hair will not do. These are not according the homeopathic principle because it is the equal with the similar and not like cure like.
Administering hay fever, dust etc. in D30 (which is 30 times diluted and shaken 3000 times) really works according to investigations. The cause is that dilutions above D12 eliminates which results in chasing the overdose of that remedy out of the body. In case of sensitivity for dust we have to much of that specific substance in our body and are not able to change that by a shortage of resistance. Next to stimulating it can also detox or cancel disturbances caused by antibiotics.

Being treated by diluted and potential remedies we can make ourselves stronger and is many times safer than a lot of the allopathic medicine which are easy to get or given by subscription.

Many people who were using those innocent diluted remedies with good results, are being referred by the law to the regular treatments with all the disadvantageous impacts of the side-effects and more change of mortality. 

The homeopathic remedies

Books on homeopathic remedies reports on the poisoning of these remedies. About Arsenic it is mentioned, if too much is given at once, it will cause diarrhoea and severe abdomen cramp and death might follow.
Eating bad fish gives the same picture and Arsenic in a dilution and potential way to discontinue the complaint.

What will happen?

The diluted and potentized Arsenic (D12 or a higher dilution) removes the Arsenic or similar substance out of your body, which leads to your recovery. If you take Arsenic little by little, habituation will occur. Your body will adjust to the remedy and it will stay that way. Your hair gets sleek, you becomes tidy and precise but you also develops fear of sailing on a boat and being alone. Nice examples are the essays of Agatha Christie on the detective Poirot. Agatha Christie was an expert on poisonings.

Actually what homeopathy tries to picture is which substance is contained by your body. By investigating Silicea they have discovered that too much Silicea often combines with a shortage of zinc, magnesium or other minerals.
By taking Silicea D30 and pure zinc citrate, the balance recovers and the patient heals. Silicea D30 casts out the surplus of Silicea out of the body. 

Two other specific examples are:
In case of continuously sudden illnesses with a throat infection, acts of sudden anger and many more symptoms which might be caused to by an overdose of Belladonna to the body, could be healed with Belladonna D30.
To much Belladonna is caused by eating to much nightshade products like potatoes and tomatoes.
By drinking to much coca cola and milk, we suffer from symptoms of phosphor poisoning. It shows symptoms of psoriasis, fatigue, bowel disorders thirst, short-temperness, length grow, fragile bones, etc.

Program of the body

Your body can be programmed in very different ways: by nutrition, trained behaviour (you are not allowed to cry, you always have to be brave), family diseases, to much candy, etc.
Eating a lot of salmiac liquorice makes you sneeze, what will not stop even after you stopped using it. The sneezing may retain for years and will only discontinue after using Salmiac D30 or a higher potential.
A congenital overdose of Silicium gives you blond limp hair, soft fingernails with white spots and lots of more symptoms. By using sinc citraat and Silicea D30, the body will restore itself.

Detoxicating of our body makes us stronger but will not discontinue deficiency, as said early you have noticed that sinc citrate has to be supplemented. Knowledge of chemistry and biochemical processes is needed to detect deficiencies and disorders. Due to the use of fertilizer, the nutrition value of food has deteriorated badly. Vegetables growe twice as fast but the nutrition value is halve as much as it used to be. To make use of good vitamins and a well-balanced combination of minerals is necessary. Some minerals like selenium, magnesium and sinc can be taken extra. Calcium is often not needed since there is enough in the usual nourishment. You will only have a deficiency of calcium if you use a lot of milk or coca cola.

Next to homeopathy I give lots of attention to nourishment, vitamins and minerals. Treatment with homeopathy alone is insufficient to get your healthy and strong.

However, we must not forget that it is not a supplement. Continuous stimulation without extra nourishment will exhaust and weaken the heart. Remedies of the pure substance until D6 (fytotherapy) have the qualities of the remedies. These measures will stimulate if taken in small doses. But if overdosed it results in too much stimulation and restrains the body processes. 
Aspirin (acetyl salicylzuur) taken in small doses, increase the body temperature by simulation. If it is taken by overdoses it will give too much stimulation to the body temperature control and the temperature will drop.
Same remedies in pure specimen give a certain syndrome and this remedie is able to help patients with symptoms of this syndrome to heal. For instance: quinine at malaria, Aconitum at neural disorders, Echinacea to stimulate the resistance. Echinacea has no effect on an exhausted body because it only effects certain bodycells. By using to much quinine a syndrome like malaria will show up.

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