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Multiple Sclerosis is a disorder of the nerve system. Nerves degenerate which causes a less conduction. MS is an auto-immune disease. For unknown reasons the good cells in the body are attacked by cells of the immune system. Generally our immune system functions well but gets heavily attacked. The reason is an overdose of poison and medicine that enters our system by consuming food and by a deficiency in nutrition.
I am familiar with several substances which damage the nerves and develop a degenerative process. These are Trichloorethyleen, Cadmium (smoking) and Mercury. Mercury is mainly used in the inlays of our teeth and will dissolve by shaping batteries, sour fruit juice and chewing gum. The Mercury is absorbed by the mucous membrane and transported to the sinuses and the brain. Mercury permeate the blood-brain barrier in atomic shape. At first it can damage the eye nerves but it can also reach lower regions of the body such as the long and sensible nerves of the arms and legs. Why not everyone is sensitive for this disease depends on the individual sensibility and nutrition.
Mercury decreases the number of T-lymphocytes. These are killer cells and are very important for the common resistance of our body. Our immune system is seriously undermined by Mercure.

With MS patients they have measured a decreased number of saturated lipids. This might be caused by consuming to much meat and milk. Children who were breastfed, have less chance of having MS (see my article about milk). The fact that milk increases the illness and make the number of SCHUBS more frequent shows in several investigations. SCHUBS are attacks in MS which are accompanied with paralyses. The paralyses usually recover for 80 %. If they happen more frequent, a complete paralysis will appear.

Patients who like to drink cold milk, cold water and cola, can have an increased level of Phosphor in their body and nerve system. This makes them more vulnerable for Mercury and all kind of impressions like thunderstorms, tensions, interaction between people and sometimes they have predictive feelings and thoughts.

My experience is that the bodies of MS patients contain a high level of Mercury. The DMPS test has measured values 20 – 130 times to high. If the treatment starts early and if the nerves are not to much damaged, recovery is possible.

In several areas in Holland the natives have a high level of Mercury in their body while their teeth are perfect. This means that they must have consumed it by drinking water, nutrition or eating big fish. A good reason to drink water without gaz from bottles or take care of a filter in your watersystem.

In the area of former Yugoslavia are a lot of Mercury mines and because of that, a lot of Mercury in their nutrition. There will be more area’s like that where the nutrition contains high levels of Mercury. The use of Selenium is very important to banish the Mercury from our body.

In the allopathy there is a lot of use of the medicine Interferon. This is a substance that our body has to fabricate in favor of our common resistance. This needs vitamin C, l-Lysin and Sinc. Often we receive less than needed because fruit contains too little amounts of vitamin C, we eat to many candy (this reduces the Sinc) and not enough small kinds of fish are being consumed. The use of codfish-oil is a good supplement for unsaturated acids.

Investigation: next to investigations by doctors and specialists, the next investigation are important to find the cause and the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

1.     Physical investigation: next to anomalous reflexes also pay attention to tingling, especially in arms and hands but also in the face.

2.     Dentale status: watch for Mercury amalgam, KROON, implants, artificial teeth and tatoes.

3.     EAP measurement: clear ZA (disorder) with the teeth, but also on all other organs a ZA which will mostly discontinue with Mercurius D12 or D30.

4.     Saliva test: only when there are teeth with Mercury.

5.     Hair test: to look for minerals and especially for Selenium and Mercury. Less of Selenium often gives less Mercury because the output is not enough in the hair. Elevation of Selenium shows often an elevation of Mercury in hair. This means an increase of execration.

6.     Sweat test: mind for yellow armpit sweat which is hard to wash.

7.     DMPS test: this is done with DMSA=2,3- dimercaptosuccinic acid. This is a kind of CHELATIE therapy, which detaches Mercury and secretes through the urine. This is called the DMPS test.

8.     The metal-specific memory T-cell test (MSMT): this is developed in the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London. This test establishes the immunologic reactions to dental and lookalike metals. Also the response of lymphocytes to other heavy metals are being measured.

9.     Investigation of the urine to amino acids: this will show if there is a shortage of the vitamins B12, B9, B6. Measuring vitamin B12 in the blood is often useless. Look at MEDISCH DOSSIER, year 3, nr 7/8, 2001.


1.     Remove the amalgam in the teeth: begin two months before treatment with anti-oxidants (minerals and vitamins, look at Mercury), parsley, garlic.

2.     Diet:
· Without milk and too much cheese
· Drink much, at least two litres a day
· Restrict coffee and tea
· Eat much fat fish
· Reduce sugar
· Sometimes without gluten
· Eat a lot of vegetables, salads, egg, fruit, products of soy
· Limit consuming nightshade products like potatoes and chips. These contain al lot of Belladonna and that stirs inflammations
· Eat (brown) rice

3.  Bathe a lot in cold and hot  water and/or the visit the sauna.

Therapie volgens laatste onderzoekingen om de zenuwbanen te doen herstellen: (dik gedrukt)


Vitamine A

5000 – 10.000 IU/dag


50 mgr 2 x /dag (*21)

Vitamine E 

800 IU/dag

Vitamine C

3 gr/dag

Vitamine B12

2000mcg/week i.m. Dit is al bekend sinds 1992: Archives of neurology en zie (*22,*23,*24)

Vitamine B9

1-5 mgr/dag (= foliumzuur)

Vitamine B12 moet altijd samen met foliumzuur gegeven worden, want alleen één van beiden geven wekt een tekort van de ander op waardoor meer neurologische stoornissen kunnen ontstaan. Beiden zijn nodig voor het herstel van de zenuwbanen door celdeling. Alleen foliumzuur geven kan door een tekort aan vitamine B12 miskramen veroorzaken.

Vitamine D3 (*10,*25)

 4000/10.000 IU/dag

Alfacalcidol =vit. D

3 x 0,25 mcg

Vitamine B1

2 x 100 mgr/dag (*20)

Vitamine B2

2 x 100 mgr/dag

Vitamine B3

2 x 100 mgr/dag na het eten

Vitamine B5

2 x 100 mgr/dag


Selenomethionine (*29,*30)

200 mcg/dag

Zink citraat (*31) 

50 mgr/dag

Magnesium (*27,*28)

500-800 mgr/dag


800 mgr/dag


20 mgr/dag

Koper (*26)

2 mcg/dag

Chroom GTF

200 mcg/dag

Germanium Ge-132

50 mgr/dag


Onverzadigde vetzuren(*32)




500 mgr/dag

Evening Primrose Oil


Salmon Oil

2-5 gr/dag

Flax Oil

1 theelepel/dag

anti-oxidanten,aminozuren en andere aanvullingen:


3 x 5000 mcg/dag, helpt goed om de schede van de zenuwbanen te herstellen.

Lcarnitine van Sigma Tau

9 caps van 330 mgr (andere soorten  l-carnitine zijn ook goed). Het versterkt de spieren.)

MSM1000mgr                              Doet de opname van vitaminen en mineralen versterken samen met:

3x 1-2caps/dag

Co-enzym Q 10

100 mgr/dag


2 x 500 mgr/dag N


500 mgr/dag


120 mgr/dag



Cranberry caps:

tegen de blaasontstekingen.


geeft vaatverwijding ( koude benen.)



Lecithine of fosfatidylserine

2 x 1 caps

Cetyl myristoleaat

2 x 500 mgr/dag

Proantho-60 (druivenpitextract)

3 x 60 mgr/dag



Bij cerebellaire ataxie


Zink citraat

1 x 50 mgr/dag


1 x 500 mgr/dag


Mensendieck therapie

Bij de behandeling van multiple sclerose is het van belang dat U geholpen wordt door deskundigen op het gebied van de orthomoleculaire therapie en van de homeopathie, waarbij altijd gekeken moet worden naar de hoeveelheid kwik in uw lichaam.



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